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Beetle Buy, no. 2

When I decided to sell my Rabbit I had to come up with something else to buy. I didn't want another convertible because of the top-replacement and over-priced aspects of the cars, and though I wouldn't have minded a nice A1 GTi, I couldn't locate any in the immediate area and ended up setting myself on an aircooled car for one reason or another. I had a '74 when I was 17 that I drove for 10 days before I decided to do a 100% restoration on, and ended up with a 95% disassembled car that needed lots and lots of bodywork which I couldn't really do. Just as I started to go back together with it I bought my rabbit and all attention went to it, and I sold the car "in a basket" several years later. (and now wish I hadn't because I could use some of it) So anyway, the search for an aircooled driver started..

I started looking around for a beetle to buy. I got a line on a guy who had a "rust free" '73 std. that needed an engine for about $300. I line up a 914 engine to install after cutting the car into a baja and when I go to check out the car the windshield was missing (for a while) and the floors were gone and the interior/dash was a complete loss. I decided to post a message on a southeastern vw forum that I was looking for a car with a decent body and good floors. I ended up getting a message back from someone in Florida who stated he had an ideal car for me. Recent body-off restoration on the metalwork, no engine, unfinished interior for $1500. Long story short, I sell my rabbit to buy the thing, emails go back and fourth for a couple weeks and eh drives it up on his way to vacation in Kentucky. I then drive to his inlaws house in KY to retreive a disassembled 1600 dual port he used to run in it before he bought a type IV engine for it (which he kept to sell separately) Also picked up several sets of seats and a bunch of other pieces/parts.

Not very romantic I guess, wasn't set away in a barn or back in a field. It's allright though, I guess. Nice candidate for a daily driver.

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