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This Decoder is for Watercooled VW's from 1980 on. We'll use my Cabriolet as an Example.

WVW C A 0 15 0 E K 000953

Field 1 2 3 Field 4 Field 5 Field 6 Field 7 8 Field 10 Field 11 Field 12-17
Manufac'r Make Bodystyle By Model Engine Type Restraint Systems Model Model Year Plant of Manufacturer Production Number
1VW = US Pass.Car |A| 2-dr Economy A - lowest H/P model gas 0 - Active |15| VW Cabriolet A=1980 A = Ingolstadt 000953
WVW = Europe Pass.Car |B| 2-dr Custom G - highest H/P model diesil 2 - Passive-Fixed |1G| VW Jetta B=1981 B = Brussels
WV1 = Europe Truck |C| 2-dr Deluxe 4 - Motorized |1G| VW Golf(89 1/2 MY) * C=1982 E = Emden
WV2 = Europe MPV |D| 2-dr Sports 5 - Airbag |1H| VW Golf/Jetta(93 MY) D=1983 G = Gratz
3VW = Mexico Pass.Car |E| 4-dr Economy 9 - Passive |16| VW Jetta(88 MY) E=1984 H = Hannover
9BW = Brazil Pass.Car |F| 4-dr Custom |17| VW Golf/GTI(88 MY) F=1985 K = Osnabrueck
|G| 4-dr Delux |24| VW Transporter G=1986 M = Mexico
|H| 16V / Turbo |25| VW Transporter (Vans) H=1987 N = Neckarsulm
|K| 2-dr Sedan |30| VW Fox J=1988 P = Brazil
|P| 4-dr Sedan (Base) |31| VW Passat K=1989 S = Stuttgart
|R| 4-dr Sedan (Upgrade) |32| VW Quantum L=1990 V = Westmoreland
|T| 4-dr Sedan (Upgrade) |50| VW Corrado M=1991 W = Wolfsburg
|U| 2-dr Pickup |53| VW Scirocco N=1992
|V| 3-dr Double Cab Pickup |70| VW Eurovan P=1993
|W| 3-dr Del'y Van R=1994
|X| 3-dr Window Van S=1995
|Y| 3-dr Bus T=1996
|Z| 3-dr Camper

*Except Mexico

I found this info on a site, and spent hours coding it into this table. It's not really 100% complete, Is it correct? Probably. Do I trust it? sure...