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In Osnaburk, Germany there is a company called Karmann has been producing special eddition Volkswagens since the near beginning, models like the Karmann Ghia and all convertible Volkswagens. In 1975 the Rabbit came to market in the USA. Cute car, but topless would be better. In 1979 the Rabbit Convertible was made available. It is a standard two door Rabbit that Karmann got it's hands on. The roof was removed, the unibody was strengthened and changed to make way for the convertible roof. The same platform would be used until the end of production in 1993.

first offered...

Email me something about this model

Email me something about this model

Email me something about this model

First year with the 90hp GTi engine and close ratio 5spd tranny. Bolted on vent windows instead of the stuck-on units. Vented front rotors. Tachometer std. equippment. Remote front mirrors std.

Production date 1/84 all German made A1 cars (Jetta 1, Scirocco II, Cabrio) went to 13.5 gal tank with space saver spare tire.


Third brake light manditory in USA. Bumpers painted to match exterior body color. Mirrors painted to match exterior body color.


Cabriolet bodykit added, which is a different front bumper, 4 light grill, front bumper cover/airdam, fender flares, rocker skirts and a rear bumper cover.

Power windows std. White knee-bolster, trim down sides one piece black instead of plastic/aluminum.

1990 added a glued in front windshield instead of the gasket-fit. Also added was standard driver's airbag.

Wheel Options

to many wheel options to know. 13" x 5.5" steel usually standard, changed to 14" x 6" steel from about 1988 on. Many 13" and 14" alloy options, 83 - 84 13" x 5.5" Tarantulas. 1985 14" x 6" Snowflakes. Later Cabrios also used 14" x 6" Teardrops, 14" x 6" (usually painted) 7-spoke w/covers, 14" x 6" 7-spoke 'Carat' chrome About Wolfsburg Eddition Models
These are models offered as a limited eddition, and come standard with option packages. First offerend in 1983, the differences being the trim level (seat/interior trim, leather wheel/shift knob/gaiter, 13" lloy wheels standard) and color-matched mirrors. In 1985 14" alloys (color matched to exterior paint) and leather seating. Off and on through model years, not sure about exact years offered but 1983 - 1985 for sure. There are other 'Boutique' models that were sold with same idea with trim/equipment options standard.

YearSizeInjectionValvesCodeLiftersHorsepower Torque. Notes and stuff
19791.5LCIS8VEHSolid 71 @ 5800 73 @ 3500Mix 1.5L/1.6L
19801.6LCIS8VEE/EJSolid 78 @ 550083 @ 3200
81-821.7LCIS8VENSolid 74 @ 500090 @ 3000
83-841.8LCIS8VJHSolid 90 @ 5500105 @ 300084 - air shrouded injectors
85-891.8LCIS8VJHHydro94 @ 5500 105 @ 3000
90-931.8LDigifant8V2HHydro94 @ 5400100 @ 3000

Major thanks to Eric Borsky, who helped supply much of the information for this page.

(note, this is an inconclusive history and is based on information have gathered from one source or another, it is not necessairly correct. If you have feel anything should be added or altered, please email me.

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