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Nuts and Bolts


This weekend I spent many many hours cleaning the interior upholstery and interior trim panels this weekend... basically went over every millimeter of it using some cleaner and a tooth brush, (twice) then massaged in some conditioner and buffed it out. I re-glued the rear door panel vinyl. I have the front door panels at work; its taking a bit more effort to get those sorted out. I need to find some short 3/8" staples to assist in securing the vinyl. I'm also using some 3m trim adhesive spray for the low-demand areas, and 3m super weatherstrip/trim adhesive for the other parts. I also cleaned out the area under/behind the rear seat and threw a bit of wax on the bar that goes across the strut towers. I tried some oxy booster on the carpet spots but it didn't work out.. you won't be able to notice w/ the seat and floor mats reinstalled anyhow.


I cleaned out the driver's side carpet, it didn't turn out as nice as the passenger side.. going to try some oxy booster stuff on the 2 stains that are bugging me. Otherwise its nice.


I removed the front seats and cleaned the passenger side carpet w/ the bissel little green machine I got for x-mas (with this project in mind) Looks pretty nice.


I drove back from the Atlanta area in the car, about 250 miles... it was a nice drive, feels good to be driving a convertible again (even if it was too cold to have the top down)

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