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The Fishtank

This is our 10 gallon aquarium. It resides under Ziggy's 75g aquarium on a shelf I made out of plywood covered with leftover carpet from our house. The water is filtered by an undergravel filter powered by an old Excel 1 airpump and the flow is controlled by a 4 way Hagen air-valve. (room for expansion). I bought an Elite 802 dual outlet airpump to run both the 10g aquarium and ziggy's bubble wands, but she didn't like them so I set the pump aside for my future project. Kellie's dad gave us the tank and hood. At first the light didn't work, and when I went to remove the 15" bulb the ends twisted off. I ordered a Hagen aqua-glow bulb from bigals and after installing it, the light still didn't work. I purchased a new 80-cent starter at the hardware store and it fired right up.

I have three Tiger-Barbs I got in early November 2001, and three Cherry-Barbs I got in late November 2001. At first the tigers seemed to act a little aggressively towards the newbies, but after an hour or so everyone seemed to get along. My next addition will be three more barbs of a different variety.

I have plans for a 55 gallon setup for next year, (which is where the larger airpump comes in.) Kellie said I could get one for our first year anniversary. I also have an ebo-jager 150w heater for it already. I purcahsed one for ziggy's tank but it isn't submersible.

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