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Sig Four-Star 40

I am building something to serve as my first low-wing plane while I get ready to fly my trainer. This page will have construction photos and whatever else I decide to put on here...

Some construction notes so far... make sure you check the dihedral and measure it before you glue the two wing halves together, mine was 4" before I changed the dihedral brace a little. I got a tail-wheel for the kit, which I am going to screw onto the rear of the fuselage with wood-screws. I laminated another layer of ply where it will mount with medium CA, and made sure it was glued in really well. I also drilled the holes for the fuel lines and throttle cable prior to installing the firewall. don't sheet the bottom of the wing until it tells you to! I aligned the wing dowel prior to installing the landing-gear mount, makes things a little easier. I installed the landing gear with 90min epoxy. I added a little piece of balsa on the side where the leading edge of the wing is against F2, and I added two pieces of triangle stock to the other side. Check out the picture below.

12-29-02, back into it. Finishing up aileron servo mounts, tail gear install. All that is left is radio equ. I also beefed up the horizontal stabilizer as recommended, since I already broke it loose once.

11-25-04, installed and adjusted the servos in the fuse...


1-20-02 AM

1-20-02 EVENING

1-31-02 EVENING

2-3-02 NOON

2-5-02 EVENING

2-24-02 EVENING


2-17-02 EVENING


1-20-02 NOON

fuel tank location


2-3-02 EVENING

2-10-02 EVENING

2-25.02 EVENING


3-18-02 EVENING

1-19-02 AM

1-20-02 EVENING

checking out tailgear

epoxying elevator wire

2-4-02 EVENING

2-24-02 MORNING

3-15-02 EVENING


3-22-02 EVENING

1-19-02 PM

1-20-02 EVENING

1-30-02 EVENING

beefy gear mount

2-5-02 EVENING

2-24-02 EVENING

3-17-02 MORNING






december 12th 2005, colors under plane are neon...

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