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GWS Corsair

My Mom and Dad sent me this corsair for my 23rd birthday in 2004. I've pretty much put it together but I need to install the flight pack and get a battery for it. It was a pretty easy build except for the aileron linkage, which is wires that are held in by plastic tubes that are epoxied into the wing. The tricky part is the wires are held a bent position to allow them to flex as they twist. You do not actually bend the wires before you install them, you just lay them in place and glue the tubes into the wing. I created a setup to hold the tubes with some load while the epoxy dried. It was difficult not to epoxy the wire into place as well.

enter summer 2005, I gutted the tribute and put everything in the corsair. The more I fly it the more I like it. It goes about 15min on a charge, running around 1/2 throttle most of the time. The ailerons need some work where the torque rods go in (maybe some ca..) but I'm really pleased with the plane. It makes me look forward to getting the four star in the air. With the brushless setup it has unlimited vertical and does very nice loops. The faster you fly it, the better it handles. I'm sure that if I went from the slow stick right to the corsair I would have crashed the corsair on the first flight, but with the tribute and kadet in the middle it worked out great.

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