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Duraplane Trainer 40

There isn't really too much for construction tips because I don't really remember how it went together, and it's not really all that complicated anyway. One thing I did which I highly recommend is to replace the pushrods with something like the Du-Bro Laser rods which are much better than the ones supplied in the kit. I don't think you need to change out the nosegear or throttle ones, but at least do the rudder and elevator ones. Also, we ran the elevators in the nearly 100% slowest position so far as the control horns on the servos and stuff goes, because very little imput would result in very rapid response with the throws the kit recommends.

So far as flight goes, I'm not very impressed with it as a trainer, but I was suprised by how aerobatic the model is. I am using it as a trainer and I think it works okay, but it has a couple weak areas so far as that goes. One, it's pretty fast. Everyone who has anything to say about it usually says it's heavy and fast, which is true. It does slow down to what I consider a comfortable rate, but it's still not as slow as other trainers. Secondly, it doesn't have "returnability" meaning when you let go of the sticks, it doesn't go right to straight and level flight. When you make an aileron/rudder turn, all you have to do is get it banked, and no further aileron imput is necessary, only rudder to keep the nose up. (1-1-03) I redid the trim on the plane to make it more visible for this year, since I was having a problem with seeing what it was doing. I also added an external charger jack to check the receiver battery without removing the wing.

After 4 solos on the airplane I tried to do it myself at a field not too far from my house. I ended up rolling too sharply after take off and found out how firm the ground is at full throttle. The wing was broken and the nose gear wire was bent. I decided not to rebuilt the plane because it really was a poor trainer and didn't fly too great.

first version with kit pushrods, and battery in wrong location

second version with du-bro laser rods and ply/balsa rod holder

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