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A picture is worth a thousand words...


9-4-04 9-26-04 8-22-04 day 1, 8-4-04

crack spotted under dash ugh, broken bits pedal assembly, boost spring parts techtonics 2.25 aluminized w/ dynomax

win regulator removed modified 993 door film modified 993 door film window guide reinforcement

exterior shot, day 1 interior shot, day 1 old armor door plates exterior shot, day 1

some adhesive removed many hours later new timing belt installed new terminals, 4ga. wiring

reconditioned stuff 100k b-day 3-12-05 3-12-05

more reconditioned stuff HR springs, turbogas dampers polish them up... 3-26-05

broken sunroof parts reassembled parts new seal too! bad intermediate shaft bearings

custom made bearing tool cleaned up.. Bug-A-Paluza 4-17-05 Southern Volksfest 4-29-05

5-7-05 5-7-05 5-7-05 5-7-05

5-15-05 5-15-05 5=15-05 mkII pbrake

eurofest nashville 5-29-05 eurofest nashville 5-29-05 eurofest nashville 5-29-05

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