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This page lists some of the plans I have for the Scirocco. If you compare my plans page to the mods page, you'll find that some items have varied due to budget constraints. I don't expect any more mods in the near future...
click on the * for a pic of the item.

- 2057cc 11:1cr
- 9A 2L bottom end
- 84mm JE forged pistons
* techtonics 214 cams
* techtonics race down-pipe
- 9lb flywheel
* H&R Cup Kit
- Eurospec front stress bar
- Eurospec rear stress bar
- polyurethane a-arm bushings
- polyurethane rear axle bushings
* Zimmermann Drilled front rotors
* Zimmermann Drilled rear rotors
- PBR Metal Master pads fore/aft
- techtonics braided stainless line set
* ATS Cup 15x7et28
* OR OZ Supperleggera (11.5lb ea.)
* OR SSR Competition 15x6et45 (8.8lb ea!)
* Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position
- 195/50WR15
- respray Basalt black
- euro bupers
- new 16v tail lights
- euro front corner lights
- GAK motorsports 3 gauge panel
- VDO oil psi gauge
- VD0 oil temp gauge
- VDO voltmeter

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