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I decided to make a page listing some of the chemical products I've been using on the car, mostly because they're good products and I think folks might like to know about them. I must say that everything listed here has been very useful for this project, but the best product ever made for a 1980s VW is Forever Black. It is a black plastic dye used to turn old gray plastic into new looking stuff. Best of all, it doesn't wash off, it looks great after several months.

Product: MFG Description: Use on vehicle:
Auto-Magic BC-2 BC-2® Basecoat/Clearcoat Finish is the second step in reviving the original beauty to clearcoat and conventional paint finishes. May be applied by hand, orbital buffer, or variable speed polisher. Works well with wool or foam pads. I used this stuff on a foam pad at around 1200rpm to clean most of the oxidization and light scratches out of the car's paint, as well as by hand for cleaning stuff like door jams and the engine compartment. I also used it as a third step for cleaning the wheel paint.
Auto-Magic XP Swirl Remover XP Swirl Remover is formulated with a mild abrasive to help flatten out (remove) swirls left from using wool pads. This extra performance leveling wax has a high shine, wet look finish that will impress the best. VOC compliant. This isn't exactically the same stuff I used as a final step for the paint on the car, but it is close. I don't think they make the stuff I used anymore. Black car, sun directly overhead, no swirl marks.
Auto-Magic XP Polish XP Polish™ is a moderately aggressive leveling polish designed to eliminate car wash scratches and light-to-medium oxidation. Specially blended with advanced polymers to increase durability. May be applied by hand or a variable speed polisher. Works well with wool or foam cutting pads. I used this (by hand) as a second step to clean the stains off of the silver paint on the wheels. I also mixed it with the XP Compound to cut the compound down a little.
Auto-Magic XP Compound XP Compound™ is an aggressive low swirl, leveling compound designed to remove moderate-to-heavy surface imperfections. Perfect for acid rain spots, clear coat scratches and heavy oxidation. Clear coat safe. May be applied by hand or a variable speed polisher. Works well with wool or foam cutting pads. Body Shop Safe. VOC Compliant. I used this to remove most of the wheel-acid stains on the painted (silver) wheels. I cut it down a bit with some XP Polish.
Auto-Magic Power Foam Power Foam™ Aerosol contains ammonia and special foaming agents to instantly loosen and remove grease and dirt from most surfaces. Excellent for use on velour, carpet, fabric, vinyl and plastic surfaces. I used this stuff to clean the headliner. I sprayed it on my hand and applied it to the headliner and went crazy with a tooth brush. Took about 3 go-rounds for me to be happy with how clean it was. Works much better than fantastic, or simple green.
Auto-Magic Leather Conditioner Leather Conditioner is a lanolin-based conditioner formulated for use on all leather interiors. Penetrates quickly to restore suppleness, gloss and texture. Dries quickly and leaves a pleasant leather scent. I used this on the leather seats, shifter boot and steering wheel. It leaves an original looking luster and nice feeling to the leather, and it really makes the car smell like new leather.
Meguiars Natural Shine Rubber and Vinyl Protectant Designed for people who want to maintain that rich "like new" look on their dashboards, trim, tires, and hundred of other surfaces. Unlike some protectants that leave an artificial plastic or greasy look, this formula brings back the original natural finish and allows you to control just how much shine you add. With one application, you create a perfect, "like new" shine. with two applications, you can increase the shine and darkness and create a look that goes beyond the standard factory finish. To help create a rich, natural shine this complex formula includes cleaning agents that help remove dirt and grime that dull or discolor your finish. We've also added UV protection to reduce damage from the sun. I used this on the dash and door panels. I really hate interior products that are really greasy and shiney. This stuff gives an even tone to the vinyl and kicks up the shine maybe on notch on it's first application. After several days it tones down and has a nice look to it.
Armor All Tire Foam Armor All® Tire Foam® Protectant cleans tires within minutes without wiping and leaves a lustrous shine. It also protects against the elements that crack and fade sidewalls. This product will not harm wheels or wheel covers. I like to use Armor All tire foam because it's simple to apply and it doesn't make the tires look greasy. After several hours calms down and just looks like nice, clean black rubber with meduim shine. After a day or two it has a matte finish and looks it's best (imho) plus, it's cheep.

Product: MFG Description Use on vehicle:
Winzer Polylube 250 This is a gel teflon grease that is carried by some sort of penetrating solvent. You spray it on, it comes out as a liquid, the carrier evaporates and it leaves a sticky grease behind. Best thing for door latches, hinges, window regulator guides, check straps and clutch/brake/gas pedal pivots. Very similar to Wurth HHS-2000.

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