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Nuts and Bolts

Date Mileage Repairs
8-4-04 99,450 1987 Scirocco 16v
8-4-04 99,453 wiper blades
8-9-04 99,510 hazard switch
8-10-04 99,510 RF parking light/blinker bulb
8-12-04 99,510 radiator fan harness wires & terminals
RR parking light bulb
vacuum hoses
repaired left central lock actuator lever
8-13-04 99,510 reconditioned Lt window regulator
8-14-04 99,510 door handle bezels
reconditioned Rt window regulator
used parcel shelf straps
8-15-04 99,510 parcel shelf plastic hinges
8-16-04 99,510 rear hatch button bezel
8-17-04 99,510 left door check screws
left window regulator brace
8-19-04 99,510 window vapor barriers
8-31-04 99,510 clutch cable
VW badge for rear
Volkswagen script for rear
front 16v badge
grommets for rear badges
welded pedal cluster crack
L&R trim under headlights
9-4-04 99,590 Techtonics 2.25" aluminized exhaust
K&N air cleaner
Castrol GTX 20-50
VW oil filter
9-8-04 99,650 Timing belt
Belt tensioner
timing belt cover
engine belts
9-11-04 99,650 battery terminals
engine and chassis ground wires
alternator power supply wire
alternator field wire
9-13-04 99,650 inst. cluster bulbs
throttle pedal/cable grommet
9-14-04 99,650 180' thermostat
prestone coolant
cold-start injector harness and connector
9-17-04 99,740 water pump
alternator bearings
solid water pump idler pulley
10-?-04 100,300 CIS-E WOT enrichment circuit
11-2-04 100,540 Right engine mount (firewall)
3-25-05 100,720 H&R sport springs
Boge turbogas shocks/struts
front strut bearings
rear strut mounts
front and rear bump stops
tie rod ends
wheel bearings
front control arm bushings
3-25-05 100,750 Alignment
3-31-05 100,780 Sunroof seal
rear sunroof slide locks
4-14-05 101,000 intermediate shaft bearings
connecting rod bearings
oil pump
oil pressure switches
distributor cap
distributor rotor
Mobil 1 15-50wt
VW oil filter
4-22-05 101,380 repainted wiper arms
4-28-05 101,380 valve cover gaskets
upper intake manifold gasket

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