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This page is a bit of a list of whats wrong with the van, items I plan to replace or repair and whatever else ends up on here.

here's a list of stuff that needs to be done.
refresh/reseal engine - waterjacket seals leaking.
replace poptop canvas - rotted
replace skylite - warped/distorted/cracked
replace skylite seal - in tatters
replace skylite lifter/rollers - rollers broken
replace poptop & luggage rack seals - most are mia
source a rear bumper - current unit is mia.
repair right rear quarter - smushed in a bit, should pull out ok.
replace all 4 tires - missmatched and dryrotten
repair brake system - currenty has no braking.
replace exterior sliding door handle - broken off
replace passenger side mirror - glass broken
replace rearview mirror - housing is broken
replace front shifter ball/pivot and other bushings - busted/worn.
replace tailgate lift struts - inop
clean LP tank, get inspected, check regulators
check operation of fridge
clean/lubricate front seat frames
replace window crank(s)

here's some stuff I would like to do...

replace current chrome bumper(s) with black versions.
locate and install new passenger side curtain rail.
replace front carpet, or at least the sections behind the seats.
install auxiliary battery
install more lighting
locate used awning
install battery charger
replace screen mesh in tailgate screen and skylite screen.

It seems like a pretty good list, but nothing is really horrible. The big thing is going to be the condition of the clyinder heads. Everything else is pretty much typical wear and tear items.
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